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The Right New Leader

From Reagan Conservatives to the Tea Party, from lifelong grassroots activist to Libertarian Republicans, we all have a home in the Parker County GOP and should be heard.
While recruiting candidates is part of the job, the Chair should stay out of contested primaries to avoid rigged elections and to allow voters to choose the primary winners.
I’ll help mend our fractured county Party, ensure the grassroots conservatives are embraced and unite us all behind the primary winners with strong, effective Get Out The Vote efforts.
The Parker County Republican Party doesn’t have a lawful set of local by-laws. I’ll work to enact local by-laws and hold open meetings managed by Robert’s Rules and RPT Rules.
The Chair leads the Party, but I’ll shift power back to the Executive Committee. They are closest to the Republican voters and that’s where the real power belongs.
“I’ve been in Parker County since I was a little kid and I’ve been active in the county Party since my 20s. I know what this Party can be but unfortunately right now, we see a lot of folks disenfranchised by the system in place. We want to grow, promote and strengthen our party, and we need new leadership to do it.” - J Scott Utley

Local Small Business Owner

Proven, Active Conservative

Current Precinct Chairman

Endorsed by 4 Former Parker County GOP Chairs